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Birthdate:Aug 26
Location:California, United States of America

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a song of ice and fire, akira kurosawa, alexander the great, alucard, anti-heroes, banned cartoons, bisexuality, biting, black eyeshadow, black fag, blade of the immortal, bleeding, body heat, boromir, breasts, brody dalle, bruises, bunzilla, burritos, californication, canis latrans, captain hans g√ľnsche, captain kirk, cats, cheese fries, commander adama, cora reynolds, creed bratton, cryptozoology, david bowie, dementia, dilated pupils, dresden dolls, fanfiction, firefly, fucking orange!, gay scott baio, ginevra weasley, grand guignol, grand ole party, grindhouse, hank moody, hate, heinkel wulf, hellsing, horror, horror flicks, hound/sansa, house m.d., imogen poots, jayne/kaylee, joyce carol oates, katamari damacy, knives, krieg, leon: the professional, life aquatic, lolita, lord of the rings, luc besson, lunachicks, lust, lycanthropy, maniacal laughter, manji/rin, marvel vs. capcom 2, masako katori, mercedes thompson, natasha radinov, nazi werewolves, neverwinter nights, nun fetish, odd pairings, odysseus, oldboy, older men, orange, patron, paul weller, penis envy, photography, pinky violence, priest fetish, psychotic priests, rabbitron, red aunts, remus/ginny, revenge, revenge films, rope, rorschach, rosario dawson, rough play, ruby heart, samurai films, sandor clegane, sandor/sansa, sansa stark, scratching, scrubbers, sean bean, severus snape, shoes, showgirls, sin city, sirius black, sirius/ginny, slapping, snape/ginny, snk, spock, star trek, star trek: tos, stockholm syndrome, submission, subtitles, tequila, the boys, the clash, the distillers, the hound, the jam, the misfits, the odyssey, the office, the pogues, the seven samurai, the sims 2, tony stark, toshiro mifune, vampire: the masquerade bloodlines, vegetarianism, veggie burgers, vigilantes, vigilantism, watchmen, werewolves, westerns, william shatner, wolverine/rogue, wolves, wrath, x-men, x-ray spex, zorin blitz
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